One of the most important meadow bird habitats in North Rhine-Westphalia is the bird protection area ‘lower Niederrhein’. Species such as the redshank, black-tailed godwit and curlew find their last safe havens here. Meadow birds can find food, shelter and breeding places on the marshy fields. However, the protection provided is insufficient. Grasslands are being drained or lost to maize crop production. This is causing a massive decline in many meadow bird species populations.

Uferschnepfe, Foto: Hans Glader

The LIFE-project ‘grasslands for meadow birds’ aims to maintain, stabilise and if possible increase the numbers of the last occurring meadow birds of the Niederrhein. North Rhine-Westphalia is aware of its responsibility toward threatened species and is supporting the conservation efforts of the project. The EU is providing monetary support from the LIFE-fund for the preservation of species of value in the conservation area NATURA 2000.